Just because you are an expectant mum does not mean that you cannot be pampered. We can provide a wealth of safe, effective, indulgent maternity treatments especially designed to alleviate the main issues of discomfort in pregnancy such as increasing skin elasticity, nourishing parched skin, relieving itchy bellies, rejuvenating heavy legs, easing tired muscles and tension, assisting circulation and reducing water retention.



LavaMama Pregnancy Massage is an ingenious treatment which creates a blissful combination of relaxataion and stimulation to ease away aches and pains, particularly focusing on the back, hips and legs. This treatment also aims to improve energy levels, assisting circulation and alleviating puffiness and fluid build-up, particularly in the legs and ankles.

The clever combination of gentle but effective warmth and cold assists with pain relief and reduces muscle spasm in over worked muscles. LavaMama is a specially developed massage treatment which supports Mum-to-be throughout the crucial stages of pregnancy.