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Dr Howard Murad is a leading dermatologist and founder of the Murad range of scientifically proven skincare. Based in the Murad Centre for Inclusive Health in Los Angeles, California, Dr Murad's experience of his patient's skincare conditions inspired him to create skincare solutions for a variety of conditions ranging from acne and redness to pigmentation and anti-ageing. He is also the best-selling author of a number of dermatology books including The Cellulite Solution, recently serialised in the Sunday Times. Murad celebrity devotees include Lucy Lui, Brooke Shields, Thandi Newton and Uma Thurman. In 1989, Dr Murad was the first dermatologist to launch his own patented clinical skincare range. He was also the first to incorporate such cutting edge ingredients as pomegranate, Goji berries, AHA's and antioxidants into his skincare formulations, and the first to specifically address hormonal ageing. The Water Principle. A key element of the Dr Murad optimum health strategy is his unique skincare philosophy 'The Water Principle'. Dr Murad believes that the retention of water in the walls of our skin cells is a fundamental indicator of skin health. Dr Murad uses the latest technology to measure his patients according to The Water Principle as well as recording and measuring the condition of their skin. Based on this evaluation, Dr Murad will then recommend prescriptive skincare treatments and homecare regimes that combine the benefits of topical and internal skincare to treat the skin from inside and out. Murad - A prescription for optimum skin health.

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